Members of the Newington Wellbeing Network

Membership of NWN is open to anyone that lives or works in Newington Ward in a paid or unpaid capacity. To join NWN there is just a short form to complete which automatically registers you as a member of Ramlets too. Being a member gives you voting rights as well as being invited to members' events. You can download a membership form here.

There are currently six people on the Management Committee and we have provision to co-opt three more. Please let us know if you'd like to get involved. Some of the current MC members are listed below:


Sheree Bell, KCC Community Support


I have watched the project grow from an idea about supporting vulnerable and isolated people to a fully functioning Management Group who roll out a programme of local  events and have become a constituted group (Side note: NWN were constituted on the 11th of October 2017). I have seen them explore their ideas and come up with a design for low level social care support.  I have seen individuals grow and learn. I have seen volunteers come on board and I have seen the growth of a Local Exchange and Trading System in the area. I have seen businesses being impressed and offering sponsorship. I have seen connections being made that help people feel less lonely. The ongoing challenge is to get more local people involve and be able to really connect people in meaningful ways.

It's been a challenge and a delight supporting this project - group dynamics can be testing and working in co-production means everything goes at a slower pace. People have come and people have gone and that is the nature of working in community development. The NWN has been an inspiration for other groups across Kent and their guide on developing other community networks, produced last year - 'How to develop a Wellbeing Network toolkit' - is being used by other communities.

Lynda Dawkins, Chairperson & representative of Newington Free Church

I have gained confidence in pushing my boundaries. who would of thought that I would speak on radio about our groups wishes for the Newington Ward. And I even led a public meeting! Being involved in the project gives our church better in-roads into the community and being involved means we are having a positive impact on people's lives and we may even get a few new members. we have lots of activities at the church and it would be good to see more people coming along. So come on all residents, join us and make us known through out Thanet, Kent and even England!

John Hall, Treasurer and representative of RAMLETS

I joined Newington Wellbeing Network in the hope that the local LETS (Local Exchange and Trading System) scheme, RAMLETS, could help achieve the aims of the network to bring residents closer and engaged in activities together. I moved to Ramsgate three years ago from Kingston upon Thames where the LETS scheme and associated groups have spawned movements such as the Kingston Pound, OneNorbiton, The Permaculture Garden, Transition Town Kingston and many other groups which have made the area a more cohesive and engaged place. My hope is that Newington Wellbeing Network will act as a catalyst for a similar development in Newington and Ramsgate in general. LETS schemes are well suited for getting people in an area involved with each other. Volunteers can be rewarded for their assistance and by having credits to their name they are then encouraged to spend them in the community, thus drawing more people into the scheme. We would like to see a monthly social for RAMLETS, where people can get to know what their neighbours are doing and what they want or can offer, and also have a few refreshments with conversations. I also run the Spice Time Credit program for NWN, for more details click here.

Aimee Harvey, local resident, Management Committee member and representative of East Kent College Wellbeing Network


Starting in the Newington Wellbeing Network in early June 2017, It has boosted my confidence up to the sky. My mother joined in 2016, but since certain family problems stopped her involvement, I have come on board to the NWN Management committee and took my mother's place. Since I have done this, I have been more confident than ever. I have got up on stage and performed on my own, I have come up with ideas (One of them being an LGBT+ Celebration day) and set them up with Sheree’s help. On the 14th of December 2017, Sheree and I went to my college, East Kent College, to set up a Wellbeing Network there called the EKCWN. The assistant head principal loved it! I am working with many mentors now and the NWN and even staff and the assistant principal and head principal to make this happen. I am also a local resident of the Newington ward and always on hand if anyone needs help.

Rachael Salvesen, Manager, Management Committee member and representative of Copperfields supported housing scheme.

I joined the Newington Wellbeing Network last year following the opening of the Extra Care Housing Scheme that I manage. I was new to the Newington area and therefore not very aware of what was available in the area to promote to my residents. Also, I wanted my building to act as a community resource. Prior to my scheme opening I visited potential residents in their homes many of whom lived on the Newington Estate and felt very isolated. Very few of the people I visited seemed to know what regular events were open to them in the area. By joining the Management Group I met new partners with links to the local area and we were able to share information between ourselves. We have held quite a few NWN events at our building, including a Christmas party for under 5s. We meet every two weeks and it has been a huge learning curve but a lot of fun and some lovely friendships have been formed.