RAMLETS is pleased to be working with the Newington Wellbeing Network.

LETS (LOCAL EXCHANGE & TRADING SCHEME) is a way of people sharing their resources, interests and skills, that doesn’t involve money. When you sign up as a member of NWN you automatically get registered with RAMLETS. This means that you can offer help to someone else or you can recieve help from someone else. We aim to get as many Newington people as possible to join and start trading with each other. Everybody has something to offer, even if it's sitting with someone for a chat.

Couldn’t you use some help?
From garden sharing to massage to cake making to cooking lessons and much more.


This is how the system works:

Sonia is offering Indian Cooking classes at 10 RAMs per hour. John takes her up and has two lessons and pays her 20 RAMS which are credited to her account and debited from his. John also uses Cynthia to babysit so he can go to the cinema. He pays her an agreed rate of 20 RAMs for 3 hours babysitting. Sonia gets some of her old VHS tapes converted to DVDs and pays Susan 30 RAMs, and so on. It's just a way of exchanging time and skills.


Members do not have to do swap trades, they can just look up what people are offering and requesting and get in touch with that person. This encourages people to get to know each other locally and helps to build a community.

Please visit www.ramlets.org.uk for more details and to sign up.