Spice Time Credits

NWN has joined the new Spice Time Credits scheme which will provide a method of rewarding our volunteers with a time credit for each hour they spend working for NWN doing activities like delivering leaflets and helping with events.


Once you earn a credit through volunteering with us, they are then able to be spent at venues and locations throughout the UK. So far, signed up to accept time credits in Thanet are:

Ramsgate Tunnels, Quex House & Gardens, Powell-Cotton Museum and the Margate Museum Trust (Margate Museum & Tudor Cottage).

Time credits are a kind of alternative currency and the Kent Spice Time Credits even have their own notes. It's a great way to get a reward for volunteering and to put something back into the Thanet economy. If you would like to join up please go here.

For an overview of the programme have a look at http://www.justaddspice.org